Thaddeus' Laspistol

The name pretty much speaks for itself

weapon (ranged)

Class: pistol
Range: 30 m
Rate of Fire: S/-/-
Damage: 1d10+2 E
Penetration: 0
Clip: 30
Reload: Full
Special(+): Looks pretty good. Otherwise unremarkable. But who knows?
Special(-): Lost its “Reliable” quality due to the pieces of the dead watcher floating in the molten metal from which it is made.


This item speaks well of the taste of its wielder. The sacred words “Imperfect Beauty” are engraved on it along with two copies of the galaxy’s most fearsome letter “I” (although only small ones, reflecting Thaddeus’ low rank in the most holy organization). Aside from these, some hexagrammatic wards hang from the most surprising parts of the weapon. These are mostly for design purposes, one might think.

The weapon has a troubled history. It was branded an inferior product because of the remains of the late Mr. Garvel (who was, unfortunately for him, a potential witness of a murder most foul, thus becoming a victim of a murder even more foul), which ended up in the furnace. Thaddeus, when learning of its fate (the weapon’s fate – he had more pressing concerns at the time than worrying over poor Mr. Garvel’s death -), decided he wanted one of these. (Aside from the fact that his shotgun was confiscated upon entering the Kaspar estate, he always longed for a carbon-rich sidearm.)

When the investigation ended, the grateful members of House Kaspar gifted him with one of these products – picked by Gaius Cain himself – for his services (not to mention his silence in the matters of Jozef Kaspar’s unhealthy fondness for daemonic pacts).

Thaddeus' Laspistol

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